Former GM Manager to Advise Bidders At Barrett Jackson Auction

January’s Barrett-Jackson auction of vehicles from GM’s Heritage Museum promises to be anything but your average auction of collector vehicles, according to Mark McPhail, recently retired manager in GM Performance Engineering.

“A number of the factory engineered GM vehicles up for sale have been modified with rare and/or experimental powertrain components to improve performance and driveability,” McPhail explained. “Most of these modifications are not visible to the naked eye and will not be mentioned in promotional material and yet, they may significantly increase the value to buyers. Educated bidders who are attuned to these details will be able to purchase extraordinary vehicles for surprisingly reasonable prices.”

With that in mind, McPhail has been retained by several bidders to act as a technical expert and consultant to buyers. Only a few opportunities remain for buyers to retain McPhail in this capacity.

One of the nation’s experts in GM high performance, McPhail built demonstration vehicles that were featured on the covers of more than 50 automobile enthusiast magazines during his 20-year tenure with GM’s high performance engineering groups. Some of those vehicles will be included in the Barrett Jackson auction. He also served as the Chevy Race Shop West Coast Technical Liaison in Los Angeles, working with auto enthusiast magazines and aftermarket manufacturers to develop performance components for GM vehicles.

Bidders interested in tilting the scales a little in their favor with some insider information can contact Mark McPhail at or call 248-941-1948.


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